• May 9, 2018

Kelham Hall Wedding Nottingham // Graeme & Mim

Kelham Hall Wedding Nottingham // Graeme & Mim

Kelham Hall Wedding Nottingham // Graeme & Mim 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

Graeme and Mim- thank you so much for having me sharing in your amazing wedding at Kelham Hall. It was one of those weddings where I felt I was in the company of good friends, you were so chilled.

Their Kelham Hall wedding in Newark, Nottinghamshire was my first military wedding. Forget confetti, who needs it when your closest friends can bring swords? I loved shooting Graeme and Mim as they walked under an archway of raised swords.

After the wedding ceremony in St Wilfrid Church, guests could catch Mim’s brother’s jazz band over cocktail hour. During this time we sneaked off in the rain to capture some lovely moments of the newlyweds exploring the grounds of the stately home. I must say a big thank you to the ushers- they did an amazing job of helping to make the group shots run smoothly so that Graeme and Mim could get back to the party.

The highlight for me was the speeches. We had a lesson in local history from Mim’s Dad followed by Graeme being made to stand trial in a Kangaroo Court. His crimes included the use of many nonsense words and for saying his job is about ‘saving lives, changing worlds’.

The best man, Grant, delivered the quote of the day. When he asked Mim to describe her favourite non-physical feature about Graeme, she replied: ‘He makes me a cup of tea in the morning…. sometimes’. I love that.

Other highlights included

  • Seeing a plastic bag being used to help take a jumper off!? Let me know how you have got on if you’ve tried that.
  • Capturing a shot of Mim turning around mid-way through brushing her teeth to find her bridesmaids twirling around in their dresses.
  • Seeing a guest come good on a dare- to wear a bright orange suit (look out for it below)!

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