• September 29, 2019

Woodland Wedding at Hothorpe Hall- Hollie & Mike

Woodland Wedding at Hothorpe Hall- Hollie & Mike

Woodland Wedding at Hothorpe Hall- Hollie & Mike 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

You can’t beat a woodland wedding! Hollie and Mike tied the knot at the Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall. The sun was out and the stage was set for this romantic setting. Hollie appeared through the trees, ushered down the pinecone-lined aisle by her brother to meet her husband to be. She looked stunning- her dress had this amazing jewel-laden and flowy top.

The ceremony finished with an explosion of colour as the confetti was splashed over the newlyweds in celebration. I loved the look Hollie gave her new husband as they had a little moment together right after.

It was so much fun to catch a bit of downtime with Hollie and Mike as we explored the woodlands together. Getting gorgeous couple shots is always a highlight for me. Possibly my favorite shot was the one where Mike whispered into Hollie’s ear, evoking a natural smile (what was said is just between the two of them…).

At the reception, tables were set with delicate wildflowers and wire glasses for ‘guess who’ that Mike had fashioned himself! The bridesmaids were happy to recall Hollie’s the ‘emo’ days at school during the speeches and the best men teared-up a little- ‘thanks Pete’- you would have to had to have been there to catch that repeated phase because it killed everyone with laughter.

Fire pits, giant marshmallows, and sparklers drew this wonderful day of celebrations at the Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall to a close, as Mike looked positively exhausted leaning on his daughter’s cot haha!

Thank you so much guys!

PS- Mike it was hilarious seeing your Dad help you with your tie and it was also one of the highlights. I think so many of us haven’t a clue about Windsor knots! It reminded me of my own wedding- I could do mine either (my brother-in-law sorted it for me)! Also, just so you do not alone check out this post here for a shot of a bridesmaid helping the bride’s brother with his tie. Maybe I’ll make a video on it sometime about how to do it.


Venue: Hothorpe Hall

Flowers: The Bouquet Workshop 

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