• November 18, 2018

The Walled Garden Beeston Fields

The Walled Garden Beeston Fields

The Walled Garden Beeston Fields 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

Next year I am shooting a couple of weddings at the Walled Garden in Beeston Fields. In preparation for this, I went to find out for myself what makes this wedding venue so special.

What I liked about the Walled Garden as a photographer

  • It feels like its own little world- tucked away and secluded, you wouldn’t know it was there if you drove by.
  • You can get married outside! I love shooting outside; there is a sense of freedom about it that you cannot match elsewhere.
  • Victorian vibes- it’s quite simply a charming Victorian garden. I loved the random rusty metal cogs poking out of some of the walls, bright orange brick walls covered in vines, the wrought iron work, the hedgerows and the cool apple covered archway.

Basically, this venue oozes character.

While I was there I met with Emily, wedding events planner, and I asked her what makes the Walled Garden such a great wedding venue in Nottingham and here’s what she had to say:

Its perfect for couples that want to put their own twist on things

Many couples love to do a bit of DIY- it allows them to truly personalise their wedding. The Walled Garden has a marquee that is a bit like a ‘shell’ that gives each couple complete freedom to arrange and decorate the space as they wish. So that they we can accommodate any wedding theme or style.

The Garden is surrounded by beautiful flowers

There is a rose wall, a bramley apple archway and even a grapevine that is over 100 years old!

Outdoor lighting extends the day

Our tree lighting allows the wedding party to enjoy the wonderful surroundings after dark by providing a warm evening atmosphere.

My favourite fact about the Walled Garden

It was once owned by the founder of the Raleigh Cycle Company. One of my first bikes was a Raleigh.

The pictures only give a tiny glimpse of what the garden has to offer because its not the season for most plant life- winter is coming… yes, I could not resist getting a Game of Thrones reference in there! But, this place is so vibrant when in bloom (or ‘in summmmmerrrrrrr’ yes, it is a reference to the Disney film ‘Frozen’, my 3 year-old loves it).

PS Bonus points if you can spot the floating leaf… it was dangling by a thread from a spider’s web (no spider to be seen thankfully for me, haha).

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