• April 18, 2018

How to do a wedding Fayre in Nottingham

How to do a wedding Fayre in Nottingham

How to do a wedding Fayre in Nottingham 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

How to do a Nottingham wedding fayre- a Nottingham wedding photographers perspective

Recently I did my first wedding show. I was pretty scared at first, but I just couldn’t wait to meet new couples and chat to them about their wedding plans. (and how my photography would fit with how they envisaged their day being captured).

I thought I would share some of the things I learnt from it with you and how I think as a Nottingham wedding photographer.

PS The temptation was never really there, but I could have taken a selfie (oh my days!). So I asked a pro Peter Mead, a fellow Nikon shooter to help me out to take a proper photo on my D3.

Don’t be intimidated by other photographers 

Some photographers had enormous set-ups, literally wall to ceiling displays! This could have made me feel inferior with a smaller stand, but I love my work and I show it off in a way that is befitting to me personally.

My work is not about showing off the grandeur of the occasion but capturing authentic moments, its not about showing off how much money you’ve spent on your wedding day but how much you love each other. My photography is not flashy, it is simple and genuine.

I even I brought with me the butterfly bouquet that my wife made for our wedding day for a personal touch.

My ideal couples get me

One of the nicest comments that a bride-to-be made to me was that my photography felt more ‘her’ than other photographers. To her, my style just felt more personal, and not staged.

This totally made my day! What matters most to me is sharing a wedding day with a couple that value having their day captured in the way I do it. This will provide the best experience for everyone my clients will have photos that they absolutely love and this is so important to me- I want to make my clients supper happy.

Check out Charlotte and Toms pre-wedding shot– I met them at this wedding fayre and we had a great time!

Give backuse your talents to help others

I was opposite a wonderful cake maker (wendyfull cakes). She told me she was sad that wedding photographers never bother to share their photos with her. After every wedding I shoot, I always send pictures to suppliers to help them show off what they do. Give something back to the industry and build your network.

How cool is that tree cake? (Apparently it’s an Australian trend, and they are the trend setters). I hope wendy will use it on her website soon.

Like a wedding, thoroughly prepare

Preparation is key. Every wedding in Nottingham that I photograph requires meticulous planning. (Link to post on how to plan a wedding shoot, coming soon). Like the best man at a wedding I will learn key timings and locations to ensure my couples wedding day runs smoothly and time is allowed to get they particular shots (couple shots, group shots, candids, you name it) Doing a wedding fayre is similar in this respect.

I’ll plan my stand set-up (thinking carefully how I present my work and marketing materials). I’ll rehearse setting up to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, plan my route etc that I arrive early in case anything unexpected happens. I’ll research key suppliers so I can target know to engage with before the show and I’ll plan follow-up activities so that I can keep things moving after the event.


If you didn’t see me at the fayre, no problem. I’m always happy to meet with couples to show them my work and to talk thorough your needs. Just get in touch here.


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