• June 25, 2019

Pete and Hannah’s Bristol Wedding

Pete and Hannah’s Bristol Wedding

Pete and Hannah’s Bristol Wedding 1080 718 Nathan Walker Photography

Congratulations Pete and Hannah! Thanks so much for having me share in your wonderful Bristol wedding at the Elmgrove Centre.

Hannah and Pete first met while at University in Bristol (or Brizol if you can nail the accent) and after going their separate ways they reunited and love blossomed. In between time, Pete’s work took him to Nottingham and Hannah traveled the world working on vintages to become a pro wine taster (insert joke about the Irish and alcohol). Interesting fact- Pete tells me that there are fewer wine tasters with Hannah’s level of qualification than ginger dwarfs!

My personal highlights were:

  • Pete’s awesome laugh! (lots of pictures of that to come)
  • Seeing the groomsmen come up with a cunning plan to make the bunting stretch from one side of the balcony to the other. How? By tying one end to his shoe and lobbing it to the other side.
  • The speeches. In fact, speeches are often a highlight for me. There’s something very special when people are able to stand up in a packed room of their nearest and dearest and speak about each other with such warmth and heart. And on that note, Hannah’s speech will stay will me- it’s rare that brides testify to their husbands character as well as declare how wonderful her parents have been to her- it was a beautiful moment.
  • Driving in Bristol, it has to be one of the maddest places to drive in the UK outside of London.
  • Passion fruit doughnuts, so good that my wife Delphine made some for me #delphisalegend.

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