• August 9, 2019

Emily and Angus- Lincolnshire Wedding (Day One)

Emily and Angus- Lincolnshire Wedding (Day One)

Emily and Angus- Lincolnshire Wedding (Day One) 1080 720 Nathan Walker Photography

Day One- Lincolnshire Wolds Wedding

Emily and Angus’ wedding took place over two days in two counties beginning with ‘L’. The first was in Lincolnshire and the second was in Leicestershire. I’ve split this post into two parts just for fun (that’s a first for me!)

Emily and Angus’ Lincolnshire wedding had much history tied to it. They got married at the church where two generations of Emily’s family were married. Now that’s truly special, not just because I’m a sentimental person but because its also so rare these days.

Leading up to the church was a fantastic tree-lined drive and it made a fantastic setting for capturing the bridal party arriving. Emily made her way down the aisle sporting a train and veil, supported by her bridesmaids and tears were in full flow.

Following the wedding ceremony, it was off to the village hall to refuel before going on an adventure through a cornfield in the Wolds. Or should I say the jungle. It was the hottest day of the year and the corn had grown to epic heights since I scouted the location a few months before when doing their pre-wedding shoot. There were points where a machete would have come in handy, but that wouldn’t be cool in a wedding photo unless your into that…

The light was pretty hash at this time of day, but sometimes you have to shot when you can. I needed to pay close attention to avoid hard shadows. I would often use Angus (being taller) to shade Emily.

Our cornfield adventure was my highlight of the day- I just love exploring with my couples to create awesome shots!

NB- I was going to abbreviate Angus and Emily to A&E, but it might be a bit distracting in the post, so I’ll use full names haha.

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