• October 14, 2018

Breadsall Priory Wedding Anniversary

Breadsall Priory Wedding Anniversary

Breadsall Priory Wedding Anniversary 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

It is not every week that I am invited to shoot a wedding anniversary. This autumn I was blessed with an opportunity to shoot a golden wedding anniversary at Breadsall priory, Derbyshire.

Shooting weddings are special. But there is something even more magical about documenting the celebration of a love story that has lasted 50 years! I hope that all the couples that I shoot weddings for will reach this milestone.

Chris and Christine met on the dance floor more than 50 years ago and two children and three grandchildren later, they are still dancing! After the dinner, they treated us to a couple of dance routines before inviting guests to join them.

Before the dance floor opened, some of the most heartfelt speeches that I have ever heard were made. One thing that was clear was the impact that their faith in Jesus Christ has had on their lives in bringing them together and sustaining them through thick and thin. There were tears aplenty (myself included).

Chris and Christine- thank you so much.

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