• April 5, 2019

How To Set Your Wedding Budget

How To Set Your Wedding Budget

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OK, this part can a little feel scary, but before you dive into everything wedding budget, just take a step back.

Spend a little time together to reflect on why you are having a wedding and what’s most important to you.

Getting the right perspective when budgeting for your wedding

You’ll want to have the most wonderful celebration with everyone that matters most to you as you start your journey into married life together!

Your guests are going to have an amazing day regardless of how much you can afford to spend on your wedding day. The things that you and your guests will remember most are the people! It’s them that make the wedding so special.

With that in mind, no one that loves you is going to come away from your wedding thinking ‘that was a bit poor, I wish the flowers were better’ or ‘their choice of food totally ruined my day!’

Personally, I have never met a couple that wishes; ‘If only we could have spent more money on our wedding it would have been so much better’. If you don’t believe me, check out these happy people below.


That said of course there are some practical considerations.

Practical considerations for planning your wedding budget

Talk openly with each other about your finances and be realistic about what you can afford and how much you can expect to save in the coming months.

It’s also helpful to talk to your parents early in the planning stages so that you’ll know if they are able to contribute in any way.

Planning a wedding budget will help you to reduce financial stress and disappointment later on. Once you have decided your total wedding budget it will help you weigh-up how much you can spend on each area of your wedding depending on your priorities and where you see value.


Hopefully, this post has helped take the pressure of you lovely people when it comes to sorting your wedding budget.

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