• February 1, 2019

Hazel Gap Barn- Barn Wedding Venue Nottingham

Hazel Gap Barn- Barn Wedding Venue Nottingham

Hazel Gap Barn- Barn Wedding Venue Nottingham 1000 667 Nathan Walker Photography

Continuing with my thread of posts on the coolest wedding venues in Nottingham, let’s see why Hazel Gap Barn makes for an amazing barn wedding venue in Nottingham!

I had a lovely chat with Emily the Events Manager and I asked her what makes this venue so special and what draws couples to Hazel Gap Barn.

What makes Hazel Gap Barn so special?

It has the ‘WOW’ factor

That was certainly my first impression of this nottinghamshire barn wedding venue. Sitting on the Welbeck Estate, Hazel Gap Barn is rich with character with its red-brick towers that are bridged by gated courtyard. Inside the barn, ceremonies take place under candlelight so they feel intimate. The grounds are extensive and guests can make use of all the indoor and outdoor space to have a great time wherever they choose and whatever the weather.

Unique food and dining experience

All food is freshly prepared on site on the day of your wedding and its all BBQ/ rotisserie. Plus the food is served on a platter in the center of each table so there’s more of a sharing experience to your wedding breakfast- I can’t think of anywhere else that does this! This venue is definitely for people that love fantastic food as part of their celebration.

What couples love about Hazel Gap Barn

As much as couples love the relaxed but professional experience, they also enjoy the flexibility the venue affords them in the run up to their wedding. Some couples want a completely hands off (DIY) approach to their day. But you might want ideas and inspiration for flowers, décor etc- if that’s you, the guys at Hazel Gap Barn would love to help make planning your wedding as easy as possible.

Things I thought were cool about the venue

I loved the courtyard, it has an Italian vibe to it with a central fountain and lots of tree-lined seating. Plus, there are fire pits- you can’t beat ending the night gathered around a fire! Again, this place oozes character just like the Walled Garden.

Hopefully the photos have given you a taste of what the place is like but do check it out if you are thinking of having a barn wedding in Nottingham

Note- I’m not ‘in’ with the venue in anyway, I just wanted to write this post to help you find the right venue for your wedding celebrations.


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