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How to choose a wedding photographer in Nottingham and Derby

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How to choose a wedding photographer in Nottingham and Derby

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My top 5 tips

Choosing a wedding photographer in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire can feel a bit daunting. You may have never needed a deeply personal occasion, that involves you and all your closest friends and family, documenting before. Plus, there’s a lot of photographers to choose from…

So, what do you look for and where do you start? In post I’ll help you to think through a five areas that will help you to make the best choice of wedding photographer for you.

1-Find the right style of the wedding photography for you

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wedding photography in Nottingham and Derby. There are photographers that shoot in a documentary/ reportage style and those that enjoy shooting in a much more staged manner. Within each style, each photographer has their ‘look’ or vibe. Which one you prefer is a matter of personal taste.

Have a good look through their portfolio. You’ll soon understand if their shooting style fits with how you envisage that your day should be documented. Whoever you choose, make sure you feel that they’ll be able to get some great looking shots of you in your best light in an unobtrusive way.

[expand title=”To help you with this ask yourself these questions”]

  • Do I want my wedding album to be mostly a collection of finely organised moments, or do I want most of my wedding photographs to have a natural feel about them?
  • Do I want my wedding album to be a collection of finely organised moments, or do I want most of my wedding photographs to have a natural feel about them?
  • For the couple shots, do I prefer more traditional poses or something more creative and playful?
  • What style of editing (how the final images look) do I prefer? Do I like a highly vibrant (glamour magazine like), a de-saturated look (slightly muted colours for a softer mood) or something with a lighter touch for a look that won’t feel dated later down the line?

Together, the answers to these questions will help you to answer the big question: How do I want my wedding photos to look and feel?[/expand]

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2- Like the photographer as much as their photos

You can’t choose your wedding photographer on looks alone. Your photographer will be a guest at your wedding, so you need the person you hire to feel like a friend rather than a hired hand. Why is this is this so important?

Unlike other services, your wedding photographer will share in your WHOLE day.  They’ll witness some of the most precious moments in your life, not to mention they’ll be shadowing you all day. The more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the more natural and relaxed your wedding photographs will look.

[expand title=”Arrange to meet a selection potential wedding photographers in person and ask yourself the following questions”]

  • Does the photographer get excited by my vision for the day?
  • Do they make helpful suggestions?
  • Are their mannerisms off putting
    •  You don’t want them to annoy, or even worse offend, you and/ or your guests
  • Are they a good listener?
  • Do they seem confident or shy?
    • You need someone who is assertive enough to seek out great moments and to keep proceedings moving, but also calm enough to be a positive force in a fast-paced day where things might not always go to plan…
  • Do your personalities gel?

Above all else, go with your gut (it’s hardly wrong), as to which person you feel would be most suited to shooting your day.[/expand]

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3-Look through a whole wedding

It’s relatively easy to get a set of images for a website home page that will impress. When a wedding is being shot, many hundreds of frames will be rattled off the camera, so a photographer can get lucky and come up with a few images that are worth sharing at the end of it all.

What’s far more difficult is capturing a whole wedding where the photos look great from start to finish. When you meet with your photographer ask to see a full wedding that they have shot recently. That way you’ll be able to truly judge the quality of their work.

You’ll quickly discover if their wedding photos are jam-packed with great moments and creative compositions or if most of them are pretty average with a few exceptional ones here and there. You’ll also be better able to see if their style will work for you. Personally, I find a lot of wedding photography in Derby and Nottingham contains a lot of cheesy moments, but you’re the judge of that! 🙂

4- Are their offers most suited to your needs?

Each photographer’s offerings are slightly different. Make sure that you’re clear about exactly what you’re paying for. Ideally, you want your photographer to be there for your full wedding day (from when you start getting ready until after you make your grand exit from the reception).

Have a look at how many hours of coverage are included in their packages and check what each photographer means when they say ‘full day coverage’, is it enough for your wedding and are there extra charges? It’s usually better to pay for more coverage if there’s a chance you’ll run over and you definitely want your photographer there until the end (overtime is usually charged at an hourly rate).

Also, consider doing an engagement shoot. They’re a great way to spend time with your photographer before your wedding day and they’ll help you to feel a lot more relaxed on your wedding day. Not to mention, you’ll have a great day out together and you’ll have some wonderful photographs of the two of you to share at the end of it.

5-Don’t risk it…

Some wedding photographers in Nottingham and Derby might pose a risk to your wedding day. You’d be very upset if your day couldn’t be fully captured due to equipment failure. Don’t assume all photographers in the area have all the necessary equipment to continue to shoot in the event of technical problems.

[expand title=”I recommend (particularly where cheaper services are concerned) asking your photographers the following questions:”]

1)    Do they have back-up cameras?

This is essential. You want your photographer can continue to capture moments from your wedding day in the event that one of their cameras fails, gets damaged or even stolen during the day.

2)    Do their camera’s have dual memory card slots?

Images captured during your day will be stored on a memory card inside the camera. Professional cameras are built to house two memory cards. If images fail to write to one of the cards the photographer will have a back-up copy of all your photos.

3)    Do they shoot full-frame?

Simply put, full-frame cameras produce superior image quality to that of lesser cameras. Wedding photography is one of the most challenging shooting occasions there is. One minute the photographer will be shooting where there’s plenty of ambient light, the next they could be in a dimly lit church or at reception with crazy lighting. Full-frame cameras have a sensor size that is equivalent to that of 35mm film. Why should you care? Well, full-frame sensors can handle poor lighting conditions much better than cheaper cameras that might only provide clean images when the lighting is good. Nobody wants their wedding photos to vary in quality (become grainy or even blurry) because of the shooting locations.[/expand]


If photographers feel offended these questions; they are not the right person for you. A good photographer will use the opportunity to do their best to assure you of their competence to build your confidence in them.

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