• February 23, 2018

How to take great engagement photos in Nottingham

How to take great engagement photos in Nottingham

How to take great engagement photos in Nottingham 1000 665 Nathan Walker Photography

Great engagement photography in Nottingham

In this post I’m going to share my top tips for creating some cool engagement photographs.

Choose a special location for your engagement shoot in Nottingham

Arrange to do the shoot at a location that means something to you. Maybe you could go to the spot where the proposal took place? Or is there somewhere you love to spend time together?  You don’t need to go somewhere ‘amazing’ to take great shots- you can capture lovely moments anywhere. What matters most is that you have fun and enjoy being together during the shoot because your photos will look natural, not contrived.

Seek the best light for your Nottingham engagement shoot 

Ideally, you want nice soft light for the shoot. It’s best to shoot at golden hour, the time just before sunset or sunrise, here the sun is at a low angle in the sky and it creates lighting with a lovely warm quality that doesn’t create hard shadows. This lighting can be used to create really nice backlighting.

I use SunCalc to find the golden hour and the position of the sun at locations throughout the year; it’s a great tool. I’m happy to help you use it just get in touch.

Get creative but keep it simple

To keep your photos looking varied, always be on the hunt for different settings within your location. Try to find areas that provide interesting light, shadows or complementary colours. You could incorporate aspects of the environment to frame the couple in cool and interesting ways. Don’t get carried away though, remember your subject is the engaged couple, not their surroundings.

In this shot, I incorporated the leaves from the tree to frame the couple creating this intimate shot.

Use different focal lengths to create shots with a different ‘feel’

Each lens has it own ‘voice’ or character, so use the lenses that you love the most. You might like to take some wide shots to show of the setting and then shoot with a portrait lens to get a bit more intimate. (for more on how lens choice effects the look of an image a new post is on its way). I love to shoot with prime lenses, overall I think they create consistent look over the shoot (more on prime vs. zoom lenses coming soon).

The first shot was taken with a 35mm lens (wide) and the one below with an 85mm lens (tight). You get two completely different looks in the same location- cool eh?

Communicate clearly and with confidence

Know exactly what you want before you put your eye to the viewfinder and communicate your vision to the couple. If the couple feel that you are in control they will naturally feel comfortable when you duck behind the camera- if the couple feel comfortable your shots will look more natural. Always remember to give your couple positive feedback and compliments, otherwise they’ll easily feel disconnected and awkward.

Scout the location before the engagement shoot

A location scout is essential. It will help you to make sure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible for the couple so that they get the most enjoyment from it. Location scouting will help you as a photographer to 1) think through how you will light key settings within your location 2) identify areas within your location that could be used to create some cool shots 3) plan how you will use your time with your couple.

Be prepared for the weather…

This sounds so obvious right? but this can easily be overlooked. Make sure you check the weather forecast for the locations of the photoshoot. Always ensure that you have a back-up plan. The location scout, that you should have done earlier, will have helped you to find suitable places to retreat to if the weather takes a turn during the shoot so that you can still carry on taking great photos whatever the weather.

Get inspired

Look at the work of  the photographers that inspire you. Check out the types of shot that have been taken before and push yourself to create something a little different- something cool and unique.

Have fun

If you are having fun during the shoot your couple will too! Let your love of photography and the excitement of taking great engagement photos in Nottinghamshire shine through; couples will feed of it and be energised by it. Enjoy getting to know your couple better and be a good listener. Making your couple feel comfortable is the key to creating natural engagement photographs in Nottingham.

Thanks for reading you can find more articles like this on the blog. Do leave me a comment below I’d love to hear from you, or better still share this post if you’ve found this helpful.

If you are getting married and would like to have a pre-wedding/ engagement shoot in Nottingham to help calm your pre-wedding nerves, I would love to hear from you. Just get in touch via the link below.  Nathan.

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